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Emmen schoenen is the store for an extensive collection men-,woman shoes, leather goods, bags and accessories. EM Kids is the store for Children shoes. Both stores sit next to each other with a inside connection.

For over 47 years we have specialized in the better brands. In our stores we sell each season changing collections of many international brands at top level. For this we visit several times a year national and international fairs in search of the latest models, new brands and accessories. We want our own look and imaging offering a distinctive collection that stands out from the monotony of many other shoe stores. Therefore you will find in our stores both large brands and small Italian top brands which are not found on every street corner.
We sell men's shoes from size 39 till 46 Women's shoes from size 35 till 41 and children from size 17 until 40.
Would you like to visit one of our stores? You can find us in the XL semi covered shopping center in Eindhoven North WoensXL 175 stores with inexpensive and easy parking

With most regards,
Marcel Emmen
Manager Emmen Schoenen en EM Kids

Emmen schoenen & EM Kids
Winkelcentrum Woensel 12
5625 AA Eindhoven, NB
T 040 2415463

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